Stroh Engineering Services, P.C. is a leading consulting firm specializing in all phases of construction engineering.  We offer a wide range of services including; site logistics plans for construction, rigging design and crane installations, crane analysis and design of temporary support systems.  Our company provides engineering for all types of lift equipment, from boom trucks to tower cranes.  We design crane installations for many diverse environments, including mobile crane installation on existing structures.

Stroh Engineering Services, P.C. has extensive experience in the rigging and installation of escalators.  We work with several leading escalator companies to design the rigging and support structures necessary to install escalators in new and existing structures.  Our company also provides designs for escalator motor bases and floor supports. 

Stroh Engineering Services, P.C. is located in the Metropolitan New York Area, and is well versed in the local building codes and permit regulations.  We can expedite permits and permissions with New York City agencies including the City of New York Department of Buildings, New York City Department of Transportation, New York City Transit Authority, Amtrak National Railroad Passenger Corporation and Metro-North Railroad.